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  • What Is Valeting?
    This is a nice and simple safe wash of the vehicle to maintain its condition. This is aimed at servicing well maintained vehicles at least monthly to prevent excessive deterioration. It involves a general clean of the exterior plus a light vacuum of the interior, and general dusting of the seats, dashboard and interior trims.
  • What Is Detailing
    This service is aimed at enhancing and restoring vehicles, including vehicles that more heavily soiled, for example with interior stains and odours, dog hair, tree sap build-up, or mould around exterior badges. This includes attacking these tough stains with special tools and using detailing brushes to dislodge those pesky crevices on both the interior and exterior!
  • What Service Should I book?
    Valeting is for general cleaning, ideal for cars that are maintained regularly and wish to keep it that way. Detailing is for vehicles who need enhancing, from intracately cleaning crevices with brushes and shampooing, to laying down thick Turtle-Wax Carnauba Six Month Wax for that extreme glossy look.
  • What Are Memberships?
    Members get huge benefits. Silver Members: - monthly washes at a discounted rate! Gold Members: - Fortnightly Washes at an even greater discount! Platinum Members: - Gold pack + Free Washer Fluid/Tyres Top-Up's, Free Goody Bags With Car Cologne, Essential Wipes & Much More
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