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Mini Electric Review

As London & Essex's best mobile car wash and valet, we want to share our thoughts on the latest contestant in the EV market.

What we like

- High quality build inside

- Good level of standard equipment compared to petrol & diesel counterparts

- Exhilarating electric performance

What we don't like

- Only comes in a 3 doors

- Rear boot & seat space is below average

- Can be firm over bumps

Is the Mini Electric A Good Car?

Since the '60's, Mini is known for being one of the most distinctive and iconic brands, but have they managed to carry this through with their latest electric variant?

At a glance, it is the same as any other three-door Mini hatchback, with the some additional touches such as the Mini Cooper S badges and styling and coupled with a 32kWh battery and electric motor, these help to propel the Mini across 145 miles between charges with a punchy 184 brake horsepower. For comparison, this is slightly further than the more expensive Honda e, but slightly less than the cheaper Renault Zoe and Peugeot e-208.

For those who are hesitant about EV's, Mini has tried to keep the design as close to their heritage as possible with a wide range of alloys wheels, color combinations and styling to accommodate all. Sure, you can have fluorescent stripes and eye-catching three-pin plug style rims, but if you are after for a more reserved look, you can have all the traditional Mini options as well.

The Mini Electric comes with an brilliant, oval shaped digital dash finished in a classy, solid matt color which display your range, speed and trip information clearly. Asides this, there is a fluorescent starter switch and these two are the only giveaways that you are in the new Mini Electric. Asides this, you still get the same, groovy dashboard found in Mini's with the circular centerpiece containing the Sat-Nav which is controlled by either touch or a circular control-piece in-between the front passenger seats. The infotainment system also displays local charging stations, contains Apple CarPlay, and has Android Auto as standard

Interior space remains unchanged too, with two adults able to comfortably stretch out in the front and a further two able to fit into the back, however a fully loaded Mini will feel pretty cramped especially as the Mini Electric is currently sold as a three-door. The Mini Electric's boot remains the same as the original also with a capacity of 211 liters, which is cleverly sectioned with false floors to allow the storage of electric charging cables.

Using a 7kW wall box, the Mini Electric can reach a full charge in just under five hours, however a 50kW rapid charger on the street can offer a top-up from 10-80% in a rapid 28 minutes. A full charge at home will cost you around £5, which is about £16 cheaper than the fueling the equivalent petrol car over the same range.

One thing you needn't worry about is performance, as this Mini will consistently sprint from 0-62mph in a mere 7.3 seconds which is almost as fast as the petrol powered Mini Cooper S. For city-drivers, this means nipping in & out of traffic and for countryside drivers, this equates to the famous go-kart experience that Mini is renowned for which is outright fast, agile and fun thanks to its precise steering and good grip.

Ruining things is the fact that the Mini Electric is firm over bumps in town, however this does improve on the motorway as Mini has done a superb job in keeping wind and tire noise to a minimum.

OK, there are comfier EV's and more practical options for a similar budget, but if you looking for a sporty drive and love the Mini's heritage and styling, then head over to where you can build your Mini today and to receive a massive discount on your next valet, use the code blog at the checkout of your next order with us!

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Mar 04, 2022

I’m hoping to get a mini in 2 years time. It was my very first car and I still love it. Great review 😊

Replying to

Thank you, they're great cars and I highly recommend it for your lifestyle

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