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The SmartWash
Wet Sanding Service

Discover the art of wet sanding with Smart Wash Ltd! Our experts use this meticulous paint correction technique to eliminate imperfections, deep scratches, and blemishes, leaving you with a mirror-like, high-gloss finish. Trust our skilled technicians to revitalize your vehicle's appearance and protect its finish for years to come. Experience professional-grade results with Smart Wash Ltd!

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Hear What Our Customers Say

"I had a ceramic coating done on my Tesla model 3 by The SmartWash Ltd. Nathaniel and his colleague were very professional. They arrived promptly at the location and did an excellent job. I am very happy with their service, and I will definitely recommend them."

by Atif Khan

What's Included?

  • Assess the vehicle's paint condition to identify imperfections and determine the appropriate wet sanding approach.

  • Mask sensitive areas to protect them during the wet sanding process

  • Skillful and controlled wet sanding using fine-grit sandpaper and water

  • Machine polishing to eliminate sanding marks from the sandpaper, restoring the paint's clarity and smoothness.

  • Machine polishing with specialized compounds and pads to bring back the gloss and shine, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.

  • During wet sanding, the paint thickness might vary across different areas. Machine polishing helps level the paint surface, ensuring a consistent and uniform finish throughout the car.

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