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Mini Valet - Interior and Exterior Clean (For Large Cars)

Suitable for:

✅ Regular cleaning

✅ Quick cleaning solution

✅ Regular maintenance

 Clean and fresh for daily use 

✅ Seasonal cleaning 

Maintain appearance

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This valet package is suitable for keeping your vehicle clean on a regular or monthly basis. If your vehicle doesn’t need deep clean, but just refreshing – The Mini valet package is the one for you.

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Mini Valet Package:

 -What's Included?

  • Detailed vacuum of all interior and boot

  • Traffic film remover applied

  • Pressure wash of the whole exterior

  • Clean wash of wheel arches

  • Wheels cleaned and tyres dressed

  • Wash of door and boot shuts

  • Boot and bonnet gutters cleaned

  • Hand shampoo whole exterior with a wash

  • Water-based body wax applied on the exterior

  • Alloys/wheels trims dressed

  • External and Internal windows cleaned

  • Vacuum upholstery and carpets clean and dress all of the plastic

  • Dashboard and central console wipe-down

Do I Have A Big Car? 🚙

If you can't see the roof whilst standing next to it, or it's a Suv, 4x4 it is a big car.

For example:

- BMW X3 & up

- Range Rover Evoque

- Audi Q3

- Kia sportage

- Mercedes GLC

If not,

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