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Mould Removal and Cleaning

Suitable for:

✅ Visible mould or mildew growth

Musty odour or foul smell

✅ Water damage resulting in mould growth

✅ High humidity regions or areas prone to heavy rainfall

✅ Kept in storage and not been in use

Engine bay cleaning, from a mobile car wash, the smart wash ltd. The Smart wash ltd is a mobile car wash, detail and valet based in london and essex. book a mobile car wash to your door today
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Mobile Car Valet, Car Wash & Detailing
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Our car mould removal service is the ultimate solution to eliminate mould and mildew issues from your vehicle's interior. Our team of experts specializes in identifying and effectively removing mould, ensuring a clean and safe environment for you and your passengers. Whether you've noticed visible mould growth, encountered a musty odor, or experienced water damage, our professional service will restore your car's interior to its pristine condition. Breathe easier and drive with confidence knowing your car is free from mould-related concerns. Don't let mould compromise your driving experience – trust us to keep your car fresh, clean, and mould-free.

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Mould Removal Package:

 -What's Included?

  • Mould inspection to identify areas affected

  • Surfaces of the interior cleaned and prepped

  • Cleaning and wiping of windows

  • Upholstery shampooed or leather cleaned & conditioned, 

  • Ozone treatment and HVAC system cleaning

  • Centre console & dash wiped, 

  • Spot treating/scrubbing carpets/upholstery, plus steam cleaning 

  • Anti-bacterial air bomb placed in vehicle.

  • Quality check and inspection to ensure attention to all mould affected areas

Other Car Cleaning Services We Offer:

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