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What Is The Difference Between a Professional Car Valet & Your Regular Car Wash?

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Better Detailing Products

Better car care products include chemicals that have the right pH values, and won’t damage your car’s paint sealant whilst providing a strong cleaning solution for your vehicle. High quality products are one of the main reasons car valeting gets you such a good detail such as the Hydrophobic wax we offer in our mobile car washes. These waxes are outstanding but can also be quite expensive and unlike the silicone ones that you find in the hand car washes, our mobile car wash uses high quality, Carnauba based waxes like the Also included are microfiber towels which we use that are better for drying your vehicle than the terrible leathers use by hand car washers.

The Finer Detail

A dirty license plate could lead to fines of up to £1,000 within the UK! But what is the real difference between valeting and detailing?

Detailing is quite simply a more ‘detailed’ cleaning process. This involves spending extra time to explore those pesky crevices on your vehicle that trap built-up dirt over time. External detailing can be known to help correct and protect paintwork such as our machine polishing packages, and internal detailing can leave your car looking like it’s fresh out of the showroom with our internal shampoo packages aimed at removing those pesky odours and stains. At TheSmartWash LTD, our service covers all aspects of auto detailing, from a deep interior shampoo to exterior waxing and machine polishing of the paintwork. A good wax which we use and recommend is the Meguiars Carnauba Paste Plus Wax which can be found here

However, detailing can definitely be more time consuming, and of course more expensive, in comparison to car washing.

Here at TheSmartWash LTD, we recommend detailing every 6 months with regular valeting and mobile car washes in-between that and we even offer memberships to facilitate this, where you can manage, book and enjoy the benefits of a mobile car wash and valet from the comfort of your home. Find out more here :

Superior Customer Service & Experience - Mobile Car Washes

Can you guess the year and month this picture was taken? We'll give the correct answer a free surprise, comment below.

All jokes aside, even when TheSmartWash LTD was founded as a mobile car wash, customer service and relationship building has always been at the core of our business. From the moment you book, to even a few days after the valet when we post your pride & joy on our social media, you are treated like royalty.

Mobile car valeting (AKA Mobile Car washing) is the future and is aimed at providing you with a complete car-wash on your drive way with our own auto detailing equipment, water and products while you relax in the comfort of your home


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