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Exterior Wash and Cleaning

Suitable for:

Regular cleaning

✅ Protect paintwork

Regular maintenance

✅ Just want to add extra shine

✅ Remove surface dirt and debris

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Our service offers a comprehensive exterior wash service that focuses on thoroughly cleaning and enhancing the appearance of your vehicle's exterior surfaces. This service is designed to remove dirt, grime, and other contaminants from the car's paintwork, glass, wheels, and other external components.

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Exterior wash package:

 -What's Included?

  • Full body wash

  • Wheels cleaned & tyres dressed

  • Boot & bonnet gutters cleaned,

  • Rinsing the vehicle with high-pressure water to remove soap and remaining contaminants.

  • Careful drying using microfiber towels

  • Cleaning of the exterior windows and mirrors to improve visibility.

  • Basic body wax

Other Car Cleaning Services We Offer:

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